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The making of the Irish Magic Mike


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They perform. Call them male strippers, cabaret dancers or Hunks of Desire.They don’t mind. You know that they are around when the music calls for the Hunks of Desire to conquer the stage. The Hens, the Brides-to- be and the party girls greet their ariival in unison. Naturally, with the kind of rumble that only charming women know how to create

Real Male Strippers -Really good!

They are real, Hunks, entertainers, simply Men. They walk among you in Hen Parties, Birthday Parties, any type of ladies sessions. Indeed, their duty is to take the party to the brink of eruption. No safety valves. They are swimmers in the cold Atlantic Ocean that just entered a sauna. They want to earn your adoration. But adoration comes at a price.






Muscles and Imagination

Not your average micky fencing


The Hunks of Desire display attractive MBAs. That means Male Beauty Assets for the novices in the world of Cabaret Shows, Stripograms, Kissograms and the general Hen fuelled naughtiness. Most of them are top PhDs. Yep, Private Hen Doctors and they eagerly teach the new upcoming dancers. You need to how to walk a fine line as male strippers in Ireland. It is a combination that requires you to become a few thing. A stage performer, a Private Dancer and a Hen Party therapist. All at the same time.

They spend their time sculpting muscles, perfecting dance moves and weaving landscapes of Desire and Imagination. Not an adventure for the fainthearted. A Hen Party is a place where the men are judged strictly. The ladies hold the scales of justice. And the hens are hens only by name. In reality they transform into skilled birds of prey as soon as the Hunks hit the stage.

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The Hunks of Desire perform as they love being professional dancers. They love being the centre of your attention, even just for the duration of one of their artful Stripograms. Hen parties are a once a lifetime celebration.... It depends of how many times you get married of course...But they treat each Hen Party as a once off experience and they make sure to carve in your memory.

They promote sold Out international gigs, Stripograms, Kissograms, private dances and mantastic one-to-one strip therapy to your doorstep. The Hunks of Desire are always on call and arrive faster than 911. Ladies of Dublin, Cork, Galway, Carrick-on-Shannon, Kilkenny.....ladies of Ireland and the whole of EUROPE! These sexy men are here to ask you out on a date :) Check out The Show and have a unforgettable time..

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The Hunks of Desire

The Male Strippers Ireland is proud of

Male strippers are first and foremost dancers and performers. When the Hunks of Desire brought this art form to the forward they did it as live entertainers. One has to fall in love with the stage in order to deserve the round applause. The art of male dancing is one that requires dedication. It is easy for a gym freak to show off his muscles in public. The hard part is to do it consistently. The hunks are the professional male strippers that will not disappoint any of their ladies. From the full auditorium of a theatre to the wild Hen Party in Temple Bar, they are able to excite their audience.

Male Strip Shows to wow the Ladies


Male Strip shows are the speciality that the Hunks enjoy putting on the plate..sorry stage. The Full Monty shows of the Hunks of Desire have travelled from the bright lights of the Erotic Festival of Europe to the friendly atmosphere of the local Irish Pubs. All the Male Strippers Dublin calls their own always queue when the Hunks hold auditions. SoThat's Because they know that with the Hunks they will shine .
Some of the occasions where these fine Male Strippers have turned into celebrations are:

Women's Little Christmas


This Ladies Only Celebration has a home in Ireland since the ancient times of Gods and Goddesses. The event calls for a Magic Mike presentation. Cork is the place where this date is visible on every lady's calendar. The Women's Little Christmas or Nollaig na mBan in Irish, is a wild party all over Munster. But the Dublin ladies won't say no to a Full Monty Show. So keep yourselves in the loop for the next appearance of the Hunks on the 6th of January.

Mother's Day Strip Shows and Stripograms


Mother's day is special. But the cards and flowers need a sexy hunk to deliver them. A sweet kissogram where one of our male strippers will treat her to a performance straight out of New York Male Strip clubs. Bear in  mind that we can tailor the performances according to the occasion. Mother's Day Strip Shows are also available all over Ireland. Indeed any open minded ladies can enjoy a Mother and Daughter night out. 18 plus only though.

Charity Fundraisers Male Strip Shows


The Hunks of Desire have worked with the Relay for Life ( Irish Cancer Society) local events. While a male strip show might not headline the big charity events, the local ladies will always call the guys over to give them a hand. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Sometimes a naked friend. On the other hand animal charities are open to holding a Magic Mike Show to support their four legged buddies. Every time male strippers run to the rescue the charity kitty is full. With a lot of sold-out venues on their back, one cannot resist the temptetaion. Actually, a male strip show is an investment that will bring back support and funds. PS: The Hunks can skip the Full Monty if the audience has more conservative demands... But do you really want to miss out ;)?

Male Strippers and Christmas Parties


Tis the season to be jolly they say....And a jolly good old time with the Hunks as your sexy Santas is all you want for Christmas. When the ladies are thinking of a show to go with the Christmas bevvies, they think nice, they think naughty .... They think Full Monty for the boss! A tender revenge and a laugh for all the colleagues. As they say, teams that go to a stip show together, perform better.

Hen Parties, Hen Parties !


The Hunks of Desire can be hired as a full troupe but also individually. Each of our Hunks has a lot to offer when it comes to hen party entertainment. The Solo Stripograms are designed for the bride-to-be. She might blush, you will laugh and the last night of freedom will be unforgettable. Other options are to hire our hunks to perform one of their signature choreographed routines. Two guys can dance your fantasies into the night with their themed performances. With a ton of outfits to choose from you can bring to life the Bride's favourite movie stars or teenage crush.

Happy Birthday from the best Male Strippers in Ireland


Just when you though then turning 18 or 21 was exciting... The Hunks will make your 18th Birthday or 21st Birthday Party a success. Count on your best friend to choose the male strippers that you are secretly creeping. Now get off facebook and try the real thing. They can return the favour or pay you back. It all depends on how you see it. In any case turning 18 or 21 next to Muscle God can never be boring. A Full Monty happy birthday present is the only present that will last.

Hunks of Desire hosting and TV appearances


The Hunks of Desire have appeared regularly on International and Irish TV. As their celebrity status will make heads turn, why not hire them as hosts for your event. Dressed in muscles or formal attire they are gentle kind and drop dead gorgeus. They can be the gentlemen that will meet and greet the guests at your corporate event or fashion show. They can entertain your crowd and make jokes. It's all about Confidence at the end of the day.